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Tales from the clockwork ocean

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A graphic novel set in a dystopian world where all that remains are clockwork mechanisms created by a diver residing in a crumbling lighthouse. First created as a short story in 2016 during university this project is ongoing though its style and formatting has changed over the years. Currently a rewrite of the story and Illustrations are in progress.

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House of Leaves: Exploration 5

A short comic from 2015 for a university project, adapted from the story 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z. Danielewski. Part of the story follows Navison as he explores the changes within the hallway to his house which seems to grow, recording these explorations into a series of tapes one of which is known as Exploration 5.

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Spirit Lodge

Spirit Lodge was a speculative short story inspired by Native American Folk lore. A traveller seeks refuge from a snowstorm and finds herself in the spirit lodge, a place souls go to on their way to the spirit world. The brief was to create 3 full colour pages whilst the rest was left in a thumbnail sketch stage, completed artwork was a mixture of digital art and sculpture photography.

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A horror comic published in Comichaus's monthly Indie comic anthology, Return is set in an alternate reality where Apollo 11 was a disaster, the next mission tried to make sense of what went wrong but in doing so uncovers something terrible on the lunar surface. This project was unfinished but there are plans to revive it in future. Newer art pieces are viewable in the artwork gallery.